Oh you dear Helvetia

Helvetia has us back! After nearly one year on the move, we finally touched Swiss soil again on January 2014 at 6:37. My dad was so kind to pick us up at the airport and to show our gratitude we moved in with my parents right away (we are sure they are happy to host two penniless, long haired backpackers). Right after touch-down we got busy, firstly we have to find an apartment and secondly, at least for Michi, starting February he will have to completely assimilate and follow a regular occupation again.

To us, the last year passed in lightning-speed and was filled with new impressions and wonderful experiences. To list them all here would take too long, but we would be happy to report in detail during a dinner or two, we can even include a sideshow for the very patient 😉

Many thanks to you for taking the time to check in with our blog every now and then and for accompanying us on our adventures.


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  1. Willkommen zurück! Die Herausforderung ist angenommen – ich komme aber nur, wenn ihr mindestens 5000 Dias an einem Abend zeigt 😉

    • Hoi Päde,

      Momentan simmer grad no am ihzieh ih die neui Wohnig, aber sobald mer euis ihgläbede hend, meldi ich mich denn mal

  2. Herzlich Willkommen in der Heimat. Für uns ist es ein grosses Vergnügen Euch bei der Assimilierung begleiten und beobachten zu können. An dieser Stelle auch ein herzliches Dankeschön, dass wir Daheimgeblieben die Möglichkeit hatten Euch über diesen Blogg begleiten zu dürfen.
    Alles Gute in der Schweiz und liebe Grüsse

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