Fast Forward

After we’ve left Perth it definitely was time to dig out the thermal clothes again. As expected the weather got colder and rainier the further south we went. As a result, Michi decided that it was time to put his right foot down and fast forward to Sydney. Whenever the sun was out, we stopped briefly to marvel at the huge gum trees or to take a quick, though quite refreshing, bath in the southern ocean. Between Perth and Sydney, not only lies the Nullarbor which with 145.6 km (90.4 miles) is the longest straight road in Australia but also the cities Adelaide and Melbourne. Of course we visited both of them but with our minds already away on some beach bar in Thailand, we probably left out quite a view places of interest. Back in Sydney it’s now time to say goodbye to Ron Burgundy, he was a remarkably reliable and sturdy companion, but even he shows some wear from our 35’000 km (21747 miles) journey around Australia.

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  1. Hi Carmen/Michi,

    Hope you are enjoying Christmas. Did you still get home the end of January or does the adventure continue? I must say when the Swiss go on vacation it is serious. Perhaps you will come to SC sometime on a smaller vacation. You are always welcome.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

    Dale & Debby

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