Burgundy & Ivory

A short time after we started our journey with Ron, he met a lady of the same age on a campground. Her name is Helga and she is also manufactured in Japan, and while she is a little more corpulent around the back she wears mostly white which is definitely more flattering than Burgundy. Helga is being piloted by Franzi and Christoph, two fellow Backpackers which at that time where already traveling for over a year. Sadly our ways had parted already the next morning since Helga had different plans than Ron.
After 3800km (2361 miles) coincidence now lead to a reunion since Franzi and Christoph where camping on Cape Leveque at the same time as us, one always meets twice in life…
The following weeks we met up several times and jointly explored the most stunning and lonely beaches along the Ningaloo Reef where we spent our time swimming, snorkeling, reading and practicing sweet idleness before they headed on towards Perth while we went to spend a couple of days at Red Bluff visiting old friends of Carmen.

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