With Western Australia we have now reached the forth state within Australia and soon we are approaching halftime at least in regards to distance traveled, but if we are going to make it back to Sydney within the time we have left remains to be seen. Right across the border from Northern Territory start the enchanting Kimberley and one catches himself wondering why we have spent so much time at the east coast when it’s so pretty here. Right a cross the heart of the Kimberley runs a remote gravel road called the Gibb River Road which is very popular with backpackers from across the world. So it happens regularly that exactly these backpackers and their cars, which are not up to the job, are stranded along this 600km road, usually with flat tires. We too did run into two of this sort. The first two guys appeared to be quite stoned and did not even have any tools to change a tyre. At the same time with us another Australian couple pulled over to help and together with them we got to stand there watching a slow motion tire change. Just a short time later, in the meantime we had gotten back on the road, we stopped for two German high-school graduates in a Jeep Cherokee also with flat tires. (Who buys a car that was built for helicopter-parents to drive their kids to Kindergarden 300m down the road?) They seemed to have already had two rough days and where a little desperate about the fact that they first took a wrong turn and made a 600 km detour and now did not have one sip of water nor a spare tire left. This because their spare was already on the car where, after only a couple of kilometers, it blew up at the same time as the front tire so that now they where sitting there with two flat tires. At my wonder how such stupidity was possible, Michi explained to me how men in the age of 18 to 25 are capable of following stupid ideas trough with determination, always convinced of their own capabilities. This sympathy and the thought that non-assistance of a person in danger is a crime, we gave them some drinking water so that they can survive the rest of the day and the night, before we headed back there the next morning to drive one of these geniuses and the two broken tires to the only tire shop on the track and then back to their car again. After leaving them again to their own destiny, we treated ourselves to a relaxing bath in the beautiful Bell Gorge and enjoyed the landscape around us.

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