I was in some parts of Australia before and from these past trips I remember places I wanted to go back to. This was also the case for Litchfield National Park on our way to Darwin. Arriving at the southern entrance we tackled the 4WD track including a exiting slalom creek crossing accompanied with the usual slight water entry. This drive was lonely (in a positive way) and relaxing but the northern part of the park is also accessible to tour buses and day trippers and so it soon was over with the quietness. During my last visit over then years ago one could take quiet dips in the many amazing waterfalls and swimming holes but this time it felt more like a visit in Switzerland’s famous water park the Alpamare.
In Darwin it was time for a camping time-out. After parking Ron in front of the Hilton and approaching the reception desk with our backpacks we got a suspicious look from the lady behind the desk. We can understand her a little, by now or clothes are all quite dusty and our hairstyle (at least Michi’s) does not necessarily shout “business meeting” but maybe more “soup kitchen”. Darwin is probably nice but we can’t say for sure since we spent most of the two days in our air-conditioned room with a nice big bathroom, laying in a king size bed watching TV… it felt like haven.

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  1. …….also doch nicht für die “einsiedlerei” geboren. Carmen wird die EIGENE Dusche sicher geniessen, keine fremden Haare ect. und ein gutes Bett! Gute weiterfahrt in den Teil wo die Besucher in Scharen auftauchen, besonders in Monkey Mia. Gruss Uschi

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