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One of Australia’s famous landmarks is Uluru also called Ayers Rock and since we just happened to be close-by we drove the approximately 1100 km (683 miles) to view it. Shortly after we went on our way we had a flat tire, a screw had drilled into the rubber and the tire was slowly but steadily loosing air. Made aware of this by other travelers we finally got to use our awesome repair kit and it appears that the patch is still holding. The landscapes around Alice Springs are beautiful and to see Uluru by sunset is impressive. But since we are here at the end of the dry season there is no water left in the rivers and billabongs (water holes) but a lot more dust in exchange. This dryness as well as the constantly increasing temperatures and flies are starting to get to us and we hope that this will soon change when we are heading back north towards tropical Darwin.

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  1. Hallo Zusammen
    Lieben Dank für die wiederum schönen Bilder und den Bericht über Eure Fahrt zum Uluru. Ich sehe schon, wenn Ihr dann wieder einmal in der Heimat unterwegs seit, so kann Euch keine Autopanne mehr aufhalten. Bin bereits wieder gespannt auf Euren nächsten Beitrag. Wünsche Euch in Westaustralien, das wir vor bald 10 Jahren auch selber mit einem 4WD bereist hatten, eine weiterhin tolle Zeit.
    Liebe Grüsse

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