Driving back from Cape York we established a new personal record and drove 420 km (261 miles) in one day. This might not sound like much but on washboard like dirt roads that’s not too bad and so we congratulate ourselves. As of late Ron now carries a fancy steel basket on his roof with room for all sorts of stuff. To get to this upgrade, Michi had to sweat a lot because the roof basket came from an old Mitsubishi Pajero which was sitting in the back corner of the Mount Isa junk yard surrounded by other wrecked car. Once Michi had unscrewed and hammered this bulky thing off the Pajero he got help from „the boss“ (no, not Bruce Springsteen but apparently the owner of the yard) to cut off the old clamps, the boss even found some black paint to spray over the rusty parts. By coincidence there was also an old Hilux standing around of which we snatched an additional spare wheel. Now we are heading on through sparse landscapes from Outback Queensland to Alice Springs.

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