Cape York

With Ron back in shape and us knowing the code word for „club soda“ we are now on our way to Cape York and the most northern point of the Australian continent called „the tip“. After we left Cooktown we had to leave the sealed roads behind us and have since been traveling entirely on gravel roads. While at the beginning in Lakefield National park there was not much of a difference to be noticed, but the closer we are getting to the Cape, the more we get shaken trough by corrugations. These happen when a gravel road is traveled by a lot of traffic and heavy vehicles. First these are just small ripples which turn into bigger and bigger gaps running on a right angle to the road. And once you have traveled over such corrugations for several hours you start to wish you had never started your trip and that it please might end soon. But the nearly 1000 km (621 miles) to the tip have their price and it’s payed for by a stiff neck and lots and lots of patience and nerves, as well as some loose screws on Ron.

Of course these hardships aren’t in vain, along the way there are lots of beautiful camp spots directly on the many rivers. One of them is Elliot Falls where there are three refreshing (and most importantly crocodile free) swimming opportunities. To get there though, we first had to hold our breath and drive trough a deep creek including bow wave and slight water entry. But as usual, Ron did not let us down and mastered this task perfectly, but we are anyway starting to realize that the limiting factor on this this trip will not be the car but it’s passengers.

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  1. ….was so eine Ron Reparatur nicht alles bewirken kann, ein richtiges Amphibienfahrzeug ist aus im geworden! Übrigens im 2004 hatte es an der Westküste auch viele Schotterstrassen “orrugation” aber in der Zwischenzeit sind vielleicht befestigte Strassen entstanden. Ansonsten muss die Sitzfederung eingestellt oder das Fahrtempo erhöhen werden. Sollte kein Problem sein -oder. Gute weiterfahrt in den Westen. Uschi

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